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Shirley MacLaine tells Leonard Lopate about why Star Beings care if we destroy our planet. "They care about us. They don’t want to see …. their children be self destructive."

Known for his seamless blend of rap, rock-tinted reggae and his devout Jewish faith, Matisyahu’s music is decidedly unique. More music and interview HERE

Tackling the High School Dropout Crisis, One Smoke Break at a Time
Cigarettes. Long showers. Deli runs. Teens can come up with a lot of reasons why they can’t make it to class. At this Brooklyn high school, the staff is on the move, making sure the students stay—and graduate. 

The home of the future will save the planet and drive you insane. MORE

Parents: If you have ever been sideways-slept out of your bed in the middle of the night by your 3-year-old, this video is for you!

From Radiolab: 23 Weeks & 6 Days

Bodega Cats In Their Own Words!!!!!

"I’m lonely and I love it. It’s been rough but I’ll rough it. If that’s how it feels to get your heart broken, break my heart again."
“I’m Lonely (and I Love It)” Stephin Merritt, Future Bible Hereos

TGIF, people!

Christmas Ads That Will Make You Cry— Err, Have Something In Your Eye


At Radiolab Live, Reggie Watts DJ’d a dance party for Robert Krulwich and a giant dinosaur.

Yes, this really happened.

Want to see the rest of the show that bred this lunacy? You’re in luck.

"When I first started, I couldn’t wait to get up and go to work every day. But you know when the job becomes just about, ‘OK wow, I can’t feed my kids again this week….Ok wow, I have to skip a meal just to make sure my kids can eat,’ it’s depressing. It’s very depressing."

Video: Meet 3 fast-food workers struggling to live near the minimum wage in NYC

Barnburners: Teen Daze — a.k.a. the Vancouver, British Columbia-based electronic musician and producer Jamison — visits walks around the grounds and the woods, transforms the barn into a lovely performance space and plays a set of spacious synth-driven songs.

Tragically, Leonard Lopate cannot poach an egg

Find out which science fiction books Jonathan Franzen was reading in Jr. High as well as some neglected writers he really thinks you should be reading.
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