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Why should On The Media’s Brooke Gladstone be the next coach of the Brooklyn Nets?
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    *sigh* I have the weirdest celebrity crushes. And by “weirdest” I mean “awesomest.”
  3. sparkyrobot answered: Because she can improve Mikhail Prokhorov’s profits
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  5. harbingerofdoom answered: as a football(that’s soccer) fan i could not care less about the Nets but could bare to be without Brooke’s voice on sunday mornings
  6. hella-feic answered: To get to the other side!
  7. dfromearth answered: Because she already has the appropriate wardrobe.
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    Without even reading the article, I would just like to say that I fully support this. There would be some very...
  12. assangistan answered: Maybe because she could offer some wisdom to the players.
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  14. girlieinterns answered: Her hair is full of knowledge.
  15. fek answered: because bob garfield is kind of a dick
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